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I hate boys who think it's funny to make fun of a girls appearance. They don't fucking realize how damaging that is. They don't realize how important out appearance is to most of us. God it's so sad when a boy makes fun of something you're super insecure about and you have to just brush it off because you know that if you get upset he'll just make more fun of it. I was told everyday by this one boy that I was too ashy. Everyday. So I started using different moisturizers and now a different kid tells me that my skin looks too shiny and oily. Every. Fucking. Day. And I can't fucking say anything about it cause I don't want people to see how much damage that stupid little comment causes. God when boys say stuff like that I can feel my heart race in panic and then I just feel horrible for the rest of the day. It's 2016 when will boys learn to shut the fuck up.

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  • Yeah that's the sad truth about boys nowadays. Theyre becoming bitcher than us girls! Screw them.

  • You are so right, those insensitive comments are awful and if you say something, it becomes fuel for the fire. Just be patient, guys stop doing this crap eventually. The ones who are saying something to you are just insecure about themselves and projecting it onto you. I got picked on in school when I was young too. But I grew up and became hot. Hang in there.

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