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when my cousin told his mentally retarded brother that he is stupid was a huge mistake... just because he is a little slow doesnt mean you gotta be so dang rude! I remember when i was playing basketball with him that he randomly asked me if i thought he was stupid. I was so mad when he sadly told me his brother told him that he was. He is the sweetes guy ever and although he is slow, he was taught very well from his parents; manners, right from wrong, & even simple math & reading & writing. He will remember what his brother told him for the rest of his life... :/

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  • I have a question. I'm new jn this app and I would like to know what the green and red button is for

  • Dude if your cousin's brother is special defend him. He's your cousin also. Yous should stand up for him. I mean all of you are family right.

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