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I have just heard about the 2 explosions at Brussels Airport (if you have not heard check the news) I really hate it when cowards sneak into somewhere that family's will be, along side innocent people.... no one deserves to die. It makes me sick that I live in a world like this. I ask all of you reading this please don't forget we are all human there is no such thing as black while gay or straight or Muslim or Christian or Jewish there is no anything...... we are just human that's it. FIGHT FOR YOU'RE WORLD! Reports are not that clear yet but to all who have died at the airport. Rest in peace I am sorry this happened to you. To all those injured I wish you best on your recovery. thanks for reading

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  • Disagree. Everybody deserves to die. black, white, red, straight, gay, bi, muslim christians and jews. Humans are the worst idea nature had. there are no innocent people. This world has to collapse.

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