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I have a girlfriend. Well, not really. I didn't ask her out and I don't love her, but my parents want her for me. My parents are French but I grew up in America, and they don't want me to be with girls of other races. Anyway, before her, I used to fuck around with this girl (she's American) and I didn't take care of her really well. We're basically just fucking. I found out that she has feelings for me because I saw name on her notebook (lots of them, written haphazardly). So this girl, she found out that I'm betrothed to someone else and she started avoiding me. I know she's just doing the right thing but I hate it. I just want to fuck her everytime she tries to get away from me. I always see her with some other guys and I hate to imagine that she's having sex with them. I want to talk to her but she's seeing a friend of mine now. I don't know, but I might be in love with her. I want to make love to her and make her mine. I told my mom about her, but she said she doesn't want any other girl for me.

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  • I don't know much about French culture, but I'm pretty sure your parents can't choose your bride

  • ecoute : ton coeur, ta vie, ton choix. tes parents ont rien a dire la dessu. moi, jai du faire comprendre ca au miens en etant jeune et je suis fiance avec ce meme homme.. tes parents peuvent te guider, mais jamais choisir pour toi. on vit plus dans des etats qui accepte le marriage arranger anyway.. va pour l'amour. fuck ce qu'ils pensent. c'est tres irrespectueux de leur part. desole confesster prend pas les accents et tout.. en tout cas jespere que tu parle francais hahah bonne chance chou xoxo

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