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my best friend could be coming to live with me and I was thinking of sleeping in the same bed together. I am a trans female but I'm not out yet and they know and my friend is a girl. if she were to live here I wouldn't mind sharing a bed with her even though we could both have a room each. I don't want to have sex with her or anything, just so we can hug and grow closer since she's my best friend. also if we share we could have the other room as an office/gaming room. I get kinda lonley sometimes and just need a hug so it would help me be happier and I know if she agreed to it, it would help her depression and anxiety a whole lot. I have no ulterior motive or unspoken reasons, I just wanna know if that would be a good idea?

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  • I think you should talk to her about it. But if you're wanting to be that close to her, you have to be honest with her about your gender identity and that you're trans. Of she's okay with sharing a room with you then, then of course it's fine. But you shouldn't let her sleep in your bed without her knowing that. It might make her upset if she finds out after.

  • that is a good idea ,u trynna help her and urself and while at it strengthen ur bonds together ,i know i'll do this with my best friend 👍

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