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I know a lot of my confessions are fake but this onr is completly real and I need help...ok here it goes 2 years ago my grandmother since she was paying are bills we moved to a hill out in the middle of a forest no one knows how to leave here...except my dad.He got all are groceries and made all the money one day I heard my mom and him fighting then my sister said"stop!" they did then I heard a screamm and one more my dad came out and locked the door he said stay here and left 2 years later barely surviving I found a sign saying JONATHAN I KNOW ITS BEEN 2 YEARS BUT MABY I CAN TRUST YOU TO LIVE WITH ME LOVE JACK(my dads name) a month ago I broke the lock I found my sister and my moms decaying corpses I don't know what to do

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  • Lol if your dad can't spell 'maybe' and had to leave you a sign to communicate, I think he has bigger problems. Besides, why would you only just now break the lock? Why wouldn't you check on them sooner? Exactly. Shut your fake ass up. I know for damn sure you haven't had electricity to charge your smartphone for two years.

  • bitch is the fakest story I have read here.

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