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I've liked this guy for a really long time, six years to be exact, and we used to be really close. In school I was always bullied but he was always nice to me and we talked and shared things with each other that nobody else knew. Before I met him I was ready to give up. Permanently. When we went to high school we went to different high schools but then he came to my school at another point in my life when I was just done. He always seems to appear when I'm at my lowest. However, we don't have any classes together and we never talk, just share awkward glances at each other (we have 5th period right next to each other). I really miss him but I don't have the courage to speak to him anymore. My friend keeps telling me to "move on" but I just don't want anybody else, help me please!

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  • Just try to talk to him before it's too late

  • if you don't have any classes how are you next to each other in 5th period

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