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Tried to put in a tampon but it hurt too badly and I couldn't push the applicator end once i had it in. Pads are fine but my flow is really heavy right now and I've been scared of/incapable of using tampons for years. dissappointed.

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  • Don't use tampons. They're dangerous. They cause toxic shock.

  • If it hurts, it could mean a lot of things. 1, the applicator might suck or it might be bent. My favorite ones are Tampax Pearl. 2, you might not be doing it quite right. I had to try a few times and waste a few tampons before I could do it right. 3, you might need smaller tampons if you're just that tight. But there's no need to be afraid of tampons. The box says they last up to 8 hours, but my mom and I have left them in for up to 12 before and have suffered no consequences. If the applicator is the problem, they make tampons that you insert with your fingers, though I suppose you could just take them out of the applicator if you like a specific brand.

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