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I have an Egyptian roommate and yes he is a muslim. He is a really nice guy and let me use his computer. We have fun together and he isn't close minded about religion or whatsoever. In him I saw good. Don't forget people, not all muslims are terrorists. Some of them are though so don't go around cuddling random muslims.

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  • It' depends on how they parents and environment raised and threaded them.

  • lol .. hi i am Egyptian and yes Muslim thanks for ur words bro :) and yes we aren't all terrorists .. tbh i have never seen a terrorist in my life and i am 20 lol .. terrorism isn't that common as u imagine or how u have been told it's too rare and as Muslims we don't expect those who do this as Muslims they r just criminals without a religion cuz islam as against all wat they do and there's rules in my religion that who do any sort of terrorism isn't a Muslim anymore. . they r just taking the islam as a cover and make it look in a bad way . thanks again bro ^_^

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