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one thing I like to do is ask people if they had a clone of themselves, what would they do? most people say that they would have the clone do everything for them. I then say "but the clone is you, it thinks exactly like you and would want you to do it instead." there are usually 2 responses I get from this. the first one is "oh, I guess I'd split tasks evenly then" which is the second best response. the other response I'd get is "no it wouldn't, since it knows it's a clone it would want to do the things I don't wanna do" this is typically a bad response. the best response I like to see people give is right after the first question, they say right off the bat "since we are the same person I would do everything with them so we get it done in half the time. asking people this question gives you a deep look into the kind of person they are. here is someone who is in every shape way and form the same as them, you get to see if they would treat this identical entity as an equal or as an inferior being. this is also how I determine who I will spend my time becoming friends with for the most part.

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  • I'd totally practice sex with myself lol. I mean it's technically masturbating... right? But yeah I wouldn't have the clone do everything cause I'm too lazy to do everything myself as it is. At least I could get help from someone who thinks the same way I do!

  • I'd totally ask me self "what the fuck is wrong with you girl?"

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