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i am the reason my mother and step father divorced. i was only 11years old. and only wanted my mum and real dad back together again.. my mum hatese for it.. i havnt been welcome at any of her homes since and im almost 20 now.. she reminds me every now and then hpw she would still be with him if it wernt for me... im sorry for my selfish ways mum. i just want you to be happy. .. who you are with is non of my buisness :( i miss my mother. 😭

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  • It's never they child's fault. They are the adults. Sounds like your mom needs to grow the fuck up. I'd call her and tell her if she doesn't like how you were raised and it's "your" fault that they broke up then she needs to look in the fucking mirror she is the parent it was her responsibility to raise you as she seen fit. Don't like who you are? should have been a better parent!

  • you pretty deserve it

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