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I'm terrified my bf is going to break up with me bc I'm so busy. I have to work all hours of the day or night so I don't have a lot of free time. He works too but his hours are the same every day and weekends off plus every other Wednesday. There are times where I have to cancel plans because I get called in to work. I know he understands but I also know he gets disappointed too. He doesn't like being a home body so he likes going places and doing things and I feel really bad I'm not always there to be with him. He's the best boyfriend I've had and I want this to last I just hope my job doesn't get in the way.

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  • If he truly loves you none of this will matter. The time he will get with you will mean more. Ensure when you are able to you delicate as much time as you can to him. On breaks make sure to take time text him. Make sure he knows he is valued.

  • Get a new job. A job that requires that much time isn't worth it unless you are ceo of a company and that company is your life. In that case you don't have time for a bf. But I doubt you are so start looking for something more normal.

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