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My mom said that guys will cheat no matter how good they are. She said she didn't say that to scare me but for me to open up to reality. I told her that I still want to believe that there is 1 out of the 100 out there who will never cheat whatever happens, but she told me not to hope and that I should just pray all the time like she does. My parents are still together and their relationship is really strong now btw even though they separated multiple times because my dad cheated on my mom several times when I was younger. My dad changed now though, even I can see it. What do you guys think?

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  • Well, I don't really want to believe her as I had someone who had been the best boyfriend ever. I cheated on him but I really did love him! We broke up but when he got himself a new gf, he confessed that he still loves me and he cheated on his gf with me. But I eventually left him because it's the best for his relationship.

  • I have been cheated on numerous times and I don't believe this at all. There are different quality of men just like woman. There is no real difference in behavior between the two.

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