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I am a man, 21 years old. I have always considered me a straight who liked to see other guys masturbating. One day I met a man 35 years old, on the Internet who also liked to jack off with another guy. I went to his house and there I realized how bigger and thick his cock was about mine. He had a circumcised penis, with protruding rose head. During masturbation he asked to lick my ass, I left. What an incredible feeling, his tongue ran around my anus, he was literally eating my ass. He sucked so much that I was already ecstatic. Then he began to fuck me. I could not believe he was taking my anal virginity, I loved his penis, his language and the way he dominated me. It hurts a lot, but he didnt stop. Now, he tells me to always wear underwear, I think I've become his bitch, but his alone. Still like women.

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  • I am bi but I must say please stay away from him, Once you taste it you will addicted and takes time will regret it.

  • I think you are bi

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