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i am in a ldr my gf and all we have so all wat we have is just vid chatting and i find her very attractive ... i don't look at girls but i am sure she is the most beautiful girl ever existed and i don't feel i am attractive for her cuz she was married before and i am not that attractive tbh .. but she is always nice with me and tells me things to make me feel good i am working out everyday just to look fine for her .. is there a possible way that i know if she really find me attractive or not ??!

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  • Trust her, honestly you'll never really know what you look like in the eyes of another; you're so used to seeing yourself compared to what society says you should be and it has ruined your perspective entirely. Just trust your girlfriend, if she says you're beautiful, she means it. Unless of course she doesn't love you as much as she says she does... which can be hard to absorb but if that's the case (I doubt it), just leave her and find someone who makes you happy, and you do the same in return.

  • yes you can trust her words and believe her but if you don't believe her then you shouldn't be with her

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