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guys everyone says what does he think happenes to the human after he dies ... from ur religion or ur wat u r told or just wat u think

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  • I am catholic. But I really think that if I die, that's it you just die, no wandering whatsoever. Tbh if I die I just want to literally die, I am tired of this world. I don't want task or whatever.

  • This was so difficult to understand... Honestly I think when a person dies, they're soul, everything they had will be gone. Sure, people will remember them but once you're dead you won't go to heaven, that's just a made up concept to help people cope with the pain of losing a loved one. I believe that when a human dies, there's absolutely nothing; they can't feel/hear/see anything, all that's left of them is a lifeless shell. This is just my opinion though so don't get butthurt.

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