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I know that so many people are not Christians but I want to share this not to preach to you about God and what good he has done for me but because I am greatful for the blessings (you can chalk them up to what you want but I praise God for these). he has even me! I am often amazed that during storms tornadoes, ice etc the trees ( I have a but 15 on my property) have never lost more than small twigs dispite my neighbors having theirs fall on their houses and destroy their properties. I have been bless that my ex dispite all the years of drinking and driving (which he gave up about 4 years ago)driving during horrible storms and on closed roads has never been involved in a serious accident. Mind you he has hit more then his fair share of deers.... ( I always had the luck of being in the car when he did) The damage? a broken head light at the worst. I live in an area prone to floods and I live near the river and in the 13 years of living here, the river hasn't had a major flood. a little water in the basement but nothing major. I have been so close to loosing everything more then once then some how the funds come (a better job offer, a new contract, a raise even though it's not review.) My family and I are all in perfect health. Dispite years of mental and sexual abuse from my ex my doctors have told me mentally I am fine! I don't need therapy or drugs. The depression I had has been lifted from me since he left us. Dispite years of him sleeping around I have no sti's. There are hundreds more but it would take a life time to tell you them all. I am aware to many this is nothing more than coincidence or luck. You have the right to your opinion but at some point I feel where does luck a d coincidence end and God step in?

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  • Two tumbs up for you. God bless you, your heart. Keep the fire sparks in your soul. Don't listen to them haters, they see life differently. I love how you see God in a good way. Keep in faith and positive. But I hope this doesn't make you into a fanatic person.

  • Lol and you take these as signs of god. What a delusional individual. What about my great uncle who was a so called good christian. Died of cancer and in what could only be described hellish pain. My grandfather died one day of cardiac arrest with no preceding heart problems. If there is a god then he or she or whatever it wants to be called is a sadistic egomaniac son of a bitch bastard. But in lack of any real evidence of a deity that helps people I'm going to say some get lucky some don't that is how life is.

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