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when someone says the are thinking but have had more then enough time to figure it out... figure us out.... what they want from you... but keeps saying they arent thinking because of this and that. doesn't want to give you hope.... but then says maybe to anything that could cut it off for you... close it or open it. i feel like you are just trying to be kind because you know i want more... but keeping me in limbo... just... im getting to this point of thinking if you where a real friend you'd at least put in the mental power to decide what you want... i dont think you can be my ______, because if that was a role you where able to fill you'd just be that.

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  • At this point, it's probably best to say the hell with it and move on. When they hear you've gone on a date with someone else, they may say something but it's their own fault for being too late.

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