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I´ve been in love with a lot of "guys"...all of them fictive persons out of books, films, games or animes. I´ve never been in love with an actual existing human being my whole life, because I haven´t met anyone in real life who can get up to my extremly high expectations. My friends think I´m asexual or pretty weird (or both).

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  • take off your pink glasses or you will never know hod does balls smell & taste... if it takes too long time, to get expiriance you'll be not just weird but man will dicause you a lot

  • ah damn a girl who likes anime and games... youre perfect sigh.. and dont worry i can relate...we think reality sucks and we prefer having a crush on more nice people even if they are fictitious. but still i have faith il meet my wise girl and youl meet your seaweed brain hehe if you get the refrence then youre frickin amazing

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