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I got a new phone and almost forgot my login for Confesster. I was pretty worried for a minute there. But anyway, I really wanted to confess that I'm super upset about losing my Minecraft data in the phone switch. Part of it was saved to the SD card I transferred, but it wouldn't let me fully transfer it to the internal storage on my old phone, and without the SD card I couldn't play it. So I had to just uninstall it. Truth is, I'm more upset about losing my digital dogs than I am about losing the house I built.

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  • I was playing smurfs village and it's like they died cuz they never came back from the island but the houses were still there. It made me so bitter I ended up not playing for over a year. Recently I decided to start over I still don't like it but better than playing with a glitch I suppose.

  • it's like losing a little part, because you invested your time and care while playing that game. But, you are having good time while playing it, that's what matter.

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