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I've been living with my gf for about a month and honestly I've decided I hate smartphones, she is always on it but she don't talk to me. That I can deal with but the thing is I don't really know anything about her. She never talks to me. I will literally have to get my best friend/ roommate to ask her what she wants for dinner, or sometimes I can text her and she will answer. I love this girl more then anything but it's been getting hard since we moved in together. Sometimes I just don't know what to do.

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  • If you take it away from her she will hate you. Smartphones are ruining relationships I tell you! I recently got out of a relationship where my ex-bf would always be on his phone when we were dating. I hated it but respected his space and stuff, but later to find out he was using an online dating app on his phone while being with me. I suggest you move on.. Or somehow tell her what is bothering you, if she doesnt change then it will be a pretty bumpy road from there on! Good luck!

  • mmmm, maybe should make a 3/4 hours no smart phone time. So you both can have quality time together. goof luck.

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