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I've read somewhere that some muslims of course the fully clothes ones, are turned away (beaches/hotels/resorts) don't get me wrong, I will do the same, because it is hard to tell if it is a real muslim or someone pretending to do something bad. Because you know, we can't check your faces. It is so scary to watch all the incidents before. You can say discrimination, but I am all about safety, and of course no guns guys or any sort of harmful stuff.

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  • Tbh for me it is not a discrimination matter, so let's say a fully clothed person bombed or had a killing spree, so what to do now? In all honesty I am just about the safety, if you can't accept it then be somewhere else. I'd rather be called a sheep or something than see mass of people dying.

  • How do you think the ones fully clothed feel when 90% of the world think like you? Give people a chance.

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