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😕we need to learn again, to enjoy the little things in life... those things that will occur more often.. like the sunrise, that lights up our world, it happens every single day. and now and then, you should be awake to enjoy it.. seeing how the light fights the darkness back, and feeling how the sun warms you up slowly.. or children laughing and playing in the streets.. it always makes me a bit happy to see how kids can have fun and dont worry about a thing or the sight of a beautiful woman(or man).. there is nothing that beats the view of a person who just makes you smile like a retard when you look at her(him) and you maybe hope to see this person again the next day, and the day after that... did you ever saw someone just for a minute and thought all day about this person? someone that makes your brain shut off for a while?.... its just majestic!!!!.. there are tons of things that can make us happy, we just have to start to see and appreciate them again! :)

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  • this is so true. That is why children feel happier than adult, a bubble gum enough to make them happy. A trip to granny house, it's like a holiday trip. What make me happy most is hearing the laughter of people I love. The side effect, person like me has no ambition.

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