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So I just had sex for the first time. I'm 19. And I'm scared if I got pregnant. We used protection so we were good. But like I'm still scared. You know ? Like my stomach kept hurting right after and all day the next day . Idk . What do u feel after you have sex? Help.

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  • Sometimes if I masturbate too hard, my stomach hurts. You guys probably just banged too hard

  • I lost mine in January (I'm 18) and I felt like that afterwards but that feeling went away and didn't come back the next few times. We did it unprotected and I never got pregnant (I am not recommending unprotected sex, we were horny idiots at the time and have been protected ever since) so don't freak out at the feeling in your stomach, because you were protected the likelihood of you being pregnant compared to me at the time is extremely slim

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