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guys I'm hard working. have 3 kids a single mom. I'm a medical assistant . and a doctor hates me to dead because I'm training and I don't do it his way. he supposedly is really in to church. but guys I swear he is the meanest one of the meanest person that has ever cross my path actually I was call in to my bosses office today twice . I'm so scare to loose my job. he asked for me to be removed from his pod . guys why he has to hate me. ?? why cab he just be patient and tell me what he likes or he doesn't . he screams , makes mean faces , he seems so annoyed by me . he told me he will get me fired if I didn't so what he said right. guys why why he has to be so mean. I'm a nice hard working girl. I'm scared to loose my job .

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  • As a Christian I find it really upsetting when someone says they are really in to church and treat people like this! It's not Christian at all. I am sorry you are being treated like this and I hope it doesn't soil your out look on Christians! But on the other hand (Sorry I always try to look at both sides of a coin rather than just one) although it maynot be right there could be something in his life causing him to be a dick and he may not even realize he is being one to you. I am not trying to make up excuses for bad Christians but we are humans too and sometimes fail horribly at it. My best advise to you is ask for a sit down meeting with him with HR (or who ever is in charge of taking of staff and staffing issues) and see if you guys can't solve the issue or at least get you to a better doctor. I pray this all works out for you.

  • Well I hope you dont lose your job, and some people are just pricks. I would recommend talking to the manager. Also lose is written with one o. Take care.

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