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I can't believe time goes so fast. 6 months ago, my favourite ballet teacher told us that she was returning to China. That was also 6 months before my Ballet exam. I was definitely very sad, and unwilling to have her leave me. But that was 6 months ago, there was so much time and I had to worry about my exam. Last week, I just had my ballet exam. Did not go too well. I screwed up many times and lost my balance frequently. I felt like a failure as I walked out of the examination room. I told her about it. She said not to worry and the only reason why I was taking the exam was because she wanted me to join a specific competition. She also mentioned how she knew my standard and the grades won't change my level of technique and everything. I remember her saying, "In my heart you guys are the best." Today, a few hours ago, my friends and I just sent her off. I never felt so sad before. Having to leave someone you really love, pretty much forever... It had never happened to me. We took many photos and hugged many times, and I honestly wish that I could hug her again. She made ballet fun for me, and our bond was strong even though she had only taught me for 3 years. 3 years sounds like a really long time, but no. Through these 3 years so much has happened, and I've improved so much. Now the teacher taking over her sucks, or maybe it's because once you have a really awesome teacher future one won't seem the same... Oh god I'm crying again.

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  • I never had an awesome teacher from kinder to college :/

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