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I live in a country were music is illegal, as in no outddor music is allowed, not even in restaurants and malls, ofcours no concerts. Also, an added bonus is that christian holidays are not allowed to be celibrated, bur dont worry, its also illegal to be seen with aember of the oppisite sex if you're not related or married to that person. if you break any of these laws you get publically whipped, im not even exaggerating. thats how bad my mother country is, I moved from a country which has complete freedoms to this country, thats how bad the conditions are there..... I hope I live long enough to see this world actually wake up and become good, were religion doesnt dictate our lives, politics doesnt pin brother against brother and money doesnt carrt the weight it actually does carry now.

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  • Pakistan?

  • damm i feel better now for living in my country despite being broke

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