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I met a girl online...we were very similar ..liked the same books,animes ,tv shows ...i rarely find people who i enjoy talking to ..i talked with her for a whole day on omegle....we disconnected a quite a few times but we searched for each other every time..at the end of the day we exchanged mail addresses since we both didn't wanna stop talking ..but she had some sort of heart condition where she would get panic attacks..we exchanged mails for 2-3 days enjoying that we finally had someone to talk to and they weren't just using us to solve their problems.but she had to go to the hospital ...her last mail was that she was in the icu and she didn't know when she could mail me again....that mail was a week ago...ive been checking my mail continuously..sigh i dont know what i am more terrified of that it was some random person who just F***ked with me and left it .... or she was real and the perfect person and i wont be able to talk to her again... i mean i dint know her well and i wanted to know her... how can you think of saying goodbye to a person that you havent had a chance to introduce your self properly to... Finally i thought i found someone that i could call my friend...and ...ITs not fair... Thank you for listening...love you all

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  • Hope everything works out, hun. Something happening to my online friends is literally one of my biggest fears.

  • I'll be your friend :o I know I can't replace her, but we could still be friends.

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