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No, having a "small circle" doesn't make you cool or hardcore. "I hate people" and being "antisocial" doesn't make you look cool or hardcore. It makes you look like jerk off that no one wants to hang out with, and that's probably why nobody wants to hang out with you. Because you walk around acting like some Tumblr twat and being an ungrateful little fuck. Sometimes, your biggest enemy, is you.

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  • I know that my social anxiety doesn't maje me cool in anyway and I've been told on many occasions that I seem rude and I'm very well aware that no one wants to hang out with me. If I could have a wider circle of friends I would so I'm sorry that the way I am irritates you.

  • I have a small cirlce of friends because a. I am fucking anti social, you will not see me whoring around, drinking, smoking pot or taking drugs. B. They are real, than most of your "groups". C. You seem like you have more problems than the people you hate, insecure fuck.

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