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This gonna be long. I just got a job 6 months ago and I was assigned in a super cool co-worker group. Recently, we finally managed to finished a big project that we've been working on day and night. We decided to celebrate it and me being quite introvert and feeling a little bit uncomfortable when they wants to have karaoke battle, I decided to go back early. This guy that I've been having crush on wants to send me home. I was feeling a bit awkward, I turned him down but he insisted. I admit I was felt scared/anxious a bit. I guess he saw my face, he said he was going to walk me home instead of car. I can't say no anymore to this man. He was just being so sweet and I had these mental images of him being my BF (yes, that's how lonely I am) while he was saying something I was adoring his smiles and his eyes. Then, we bumped into this really pretty woman, she was kissing an older guy. As we passed by I keep on wishing I have her face and her body. She looked directly towards us as if she knew us. That's when I noticed his cute happy face changed. I don't know what to do. He grabbed my hand and hold on to it really tight. I wish I could give him a hug or something :( I don't know why I feel really sad, I kept thinking about it. Am I crazy? *Don't! English isn't my first language.

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  • You definitely can! He clearly has a crush on you! Ask him out!! :)

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