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I'm a 16 year old guy, and i live with my mum who's 36, my dad left when i was 5 and its just been me and my mum since, we're really close and open, at home she used to be naked a lot, or in just a thong or knickers or underwear, i used to just wear underwear when i was at home up until about the age of 12 when mum started to cover up more and so did i, she still sometimes wears shorts and a bra or a tanktop and a thong in the evenings and some mornings, i've developed such a lust for her over the past year though after i walked in on her naked in her room and she didn't cover up, she just chatted to me and carried on getting dressed, i've caught her naked a few more times since and she's caught me too, one night when she came in from a party drunk she passed out on her bed in just her thong and bra, so i took my opportunity and felt her up a bit, it was so hot but i felt guilty after, i'm so attracted to her, should i tell her? Or keep my thoughts to myself?

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  • That's hot and maybe she feels the same way

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