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I remember when I was younger I went to a friends house that had a couple of ceiling fans attached to his bed underneath. On each ceiling fan was only one blade cut in half with a light weight on each blade. I stayed over one night and he showed me his creation and when he started it up, the whole bed was shaking, bouncing, and jerking. We both got naked and settled down for a long hardon night. His dad must have heard the sounds from the bed because he came in and seen us both shaking from the waist down. His dad didnt mind because he is the one that helped him do it. Since I had a job I figured I was going to do the same. It took some work but got it completed. One day we had family over for dinner. I got horny and decided to lay down on my bed and enjoy my shaft bouncing around in my shorts. My aunt came in without knocking and surprised me. I just stayed with my back propped up on my headboard hoping she didnt knotice my shaft shaking. She came in to have a quick chat and decided to sit on my bed. I started to move my legs to cover the fans moving my bed and she put her hand right on my leg to stop me and thats when she realized what was going on. She stood up and looked under my bed and then grabbed my shorts and pulled them down. Here I am naked with my hardon bouncing in rhythm right in front of her. She took my shorts and threw them across the room and sat back down on my bed and said if you were horny just take care of business. I was so nervous I wanted to go limp and crawl under my blankets but the excitement and how my bed was jerking I couldnt. After she finished talking she grabbed my shaft, kissed me on my cheeks, and said have fun. She got up and left without closing the door. During dinner she sat across from me and gave me a wink. While I was eating I felt a foot rubbing me down there. I was stunned and didnt know what to do. I got turned on I pulled my shorts down slowly so no one would know and enjoyed every second of what was going on. At that point I didnt care who but went into the zone. I must have been sweating a lot because my brother who was sitting on the side of me looked down to see what was happening. He grinned and whispered in my ear "She is at it again isnt she?"

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  • should fuck her

  • As far as the comments below at that age anything will get your motor started. There is no incest because my aunt is a step aunt (my moms brother's wife. ). Do not ne so quick to judge because hormones are a powerful sex drug.

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