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He could have been mature. If he wanted to end our relationship, he should have just said it. But he didn't. He made me the one to end our relationship so he won't be guilty and say that he is the one that ended it. And I'm still sad about us.

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  • Don't know how old you are, and your dating history, but if he was you first boyfriend, he may have been trying to spare your feelings. I miss one of my girlfriends that I was her first. I had to move about an hour away, so I did not see her as much as I wanted. I knew that she should be free, but I knew if I broke up with her, it would break her heart, and mine as well. I was never bad to her and never cheated on her. Just slowly pulled back into my work, and could not see her as often as I had been. After a few weeks, she decided that she wanted more, and she broke up with me. It still hurt like Hell, but I know it was the best thing for her as she still had 2 more years in college. Only saw her once after that, but I still wonder what could have been.

  • I wish you the best of luck to find someone else who treats you well!

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