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Most embarrassing moment in my life was 6th grade. We were friends in 6th grade. We had 6 of our 7 classes together. We hung out in the morning before class and walked to all of our classes together. We even took turns buying lunch. One day I would buy it then next day he would. This was before social media and smartphones so most of our communication was only at school. At the end of 6th grade he said he was changing schools to be closer to his house because he lived in a different district. We exchanged emails and we emailed and instant messaged each other and one day I told him I liked him. Im not usually one to express my feelings but i figured it was safe since I wouldn't see him again. Fast forward to halfway thru 7th grade. I'm sitting in science class after coming back from lunch and he walks in and I'm like WHAATT THE FUCKKK. Turns out he transferred back to that school because they moved schools. Of course the teacher but him at my table (our classroom was basically a lab and each station had 4 seats) and my life literally flashed before me. I was not expecting that at all. The only reason I mustard up enough courage to say anything was because I thought id never see him again.

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  • Talk to him!!! You will regret it if you don't

  • Did he like you back?

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