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im 15, and most of my friends are 15 and this is what irritates the hell out of me, today i was in school talking to my friend and it was my other friends birthday and they live in a dorm(i think its called that way) together and i was like "so what are you guys gonna do to celebrate", and my friend replied "were gonna go to that famous bar and get drunk af, were not gonna know where we are" and i was thinking like -do you hear yourself, and do you know your age? youre 15 and talking that you are gonna get dead drunk? that shit is not yet for you, wait a few freakin years- like i just couldnt get it, why do people get drunk at the age of 15, youre still a kid for god sake it cant hurt to wait a little!

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  • I just want to say thank you for sticking up to them and not letting them pear pressure you into anything. I understand something ppl enjoy getting drunk and all that and I have no problem with that (once you are older) as I said well done, you will go far in life

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