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my accurate impression of people i hate most in the world: OMF DID U SEE THAT NEW ANIME LOL XDDDDDDD WOWIE SO RAD X3 WE SHOULD PLAY FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDYS LOLOL I LOVE DRAWING MANGA LOOK AT THIS ONE I MADE *holds up cringy drawing of an anime girl that actually looks like shit* UR A BULLY CUZ U DONT CARE OMG I LOVE HAVING SEX WITH ANIME GUYS XDDDDD. //i just lost my sanity im sorry// :)

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  • You say, still acting like them. I hate them too, but you don't seem to be trying to do anything different.

  • First of all, FNAF has nothing to do with anime or manga. Second of all, hating people that haven't developed their art skills yet is a douchebag thing to do. And thirdly, the most annoying part of all of this is you typing in all caps. There's nothing wrong with liking anime or manga or FNAF or with not being fucking Rembrandt. Go shove your head a little farther up your ass so we can't hear you talk anymore

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