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My neighbor is an asshole. Our neighborhood has a narrow 1 way side street that runs behind all our houses for us to park on (5 houses). I have 2 cars that I park back there and his daughter, wife, and him all park right in front of me and Friday morning I left for work and all 3 of their cars were parked there and when I got home this asshole moved his car in front of my house behind my other car so instead of it being my car, my car, his, his, his it was his, my , his, his. Plus he moved the other 2 cars and spaced them out just enough so I couldn't park where his car was before he moved it. He hasn't liked me since I called the cops on him for hitting his daughter a couple months ago. She came to my house crying because he hit her and kicked her out. He has anger issues and he becomes violent so we called the cops and he got in trouble for it. Well guess what sir, I fucked your daughter last night so how ya like me now BITCH

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  • You're an asshole for fucking her.

  • park your cars away from your house and put some nails on the side of the road

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