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I'm tiny, I have a baby face and puberty barely did something to my body and the fact that people don't take me seriously because of this really bothers me. I'm always the "cute" one, people treat me like I can't do anything by myself, and don't even try to hide how surprised they are when I tell them my age. Also, it's always the young boys who hit on me wich feels awkward. What is the point of telling me "omg I thought you were much younger"? Telling me I look like I'm 13 years old doesn't feel like a compliment at all. I hate to say this, but it's pretty hard to feel sexy and good about myself when people keep reminding me such things I know I look really young, but once people know about my age, I'd like them to treat me normally

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  • I have big insecurities because I'm not the prettiest I never get hit on and i give up putting myself out there 😔😞

  • My mom was 36 and she got carded for cough syrup at Walmart. Now she's 38 and when she ordered a Pina colada they didn't card her... they just brought her the Virgin one.

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