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I cant believe people are using blurrr's user name to make her look bad. This app is soposed to be to get things off your chest and get advice. If you have nothing better to do than to make someone else look bad especially behind a screen, then lets face it, you have issues.

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  • Truthfully I think it's all including this is just blurrr looking for attention.

  • The thing is when you use a user name (I know they have them but that's not the point of this that's another argument the user name is to keep track of who keeps confesses what so it will show up in your home)in an anonymous app such as this, you look like you are looking for celebrit status. Futhermore when you are not know for having the kindest words someone is bound to act this way. No one should be the slightest surprised that this is happening. When you choose to stand out you best be prepared for the battle you bring to your feet.

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