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Is it mean that I want my best friend to break up with her boyfriend? He is controlling and mean. She's not allowed to spend time with other boys. If she does, he gets angry. If she is with me, he gets angry. She can't spend time with me without him needing to know. Now they talk about moving in together, but I don't want her to do it.. She deserves better

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  • I was in your position a few years ago, and I know, it's not easy. I tried really hard to be okay with it even when I knew I was losing my best friend. it got so bad that I had to save him from his suicidal attempts even when I hated him. this and that, in the end she chose him. i felt betrayed. so hey, it's not mean at all. I should've cursed their relationship more tbh

  • Hey... try to be in his shoes for a while. What if his ex-girlfriend cheated on him with a bunch of other guys and he got affected real bad? In a relationship, one must be understanding of the other. Ask him why he is being so paranoid. Address his fears and it'll be okay. But let's say... let's just say that your best friend is cheating on him and you don't know. Who are you to condemn him for his paranoid actions?

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