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There is a family that this a few blocks away from me. They are ways letting them out, which is fine but they don't seem to ever let them back in. Just before winter started and the temp just started to go below freezing, one of their cats showed up at my door ( at the time we thought or was a stray) and we let it in to our front portch to keep it out of the cold. After about 3 weeks of looking in our area we put the cat up on facebook and found the owners. The woman yelled at me for letting the cat in. I told her then she needs too its well below freezing (by this point it was) every night and the cat needs to be warm too. A few hours after returning the cat he was on my deck trying to get in. Once again at night the cat was outside. This time quiet pissed off at the owner who apparently had been desperately looking for the cat, I let him in to my house. The next day I put him outside and hoped it be the last I saw of him. Nope that night he was back. This time I kept him (unless he tried to get out) until Christmas eve. On Christmas eve I walked him over to her and said here take the cat she gave me shit for letting the cat in again. I told her I feel it's animal abuse and I will always let the cat in during this cold and she needed to keep her cat in. She claims that he pees on the furniture when she doesn't let him out and he doesn't like big dogs which she has 2 of. I told her that's intresting as I have two big dogs as well and he seems to adore them and he doesn't pee on my furniture. I left the cat with her hoping this time was the last I'd see of it. Nope 3 days latter there is the cat in my front porch after work. The next morning my neighbor comes over to give me shit for letting my cat out so much as its cold and SHE feels it's abuse..... I explained to her it's not my cat and told her the story. She told me I think you have a new cat laughed and went inside. I have let this cat out plenty of time only for it to come back. At this point I have given up the cat lives with me even though I have told it's rightful owners to come get it. At this point I haven't let the cat out in two months it has yet to pee on my furniture..... The real owners I have heard bought a new cat.

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  • Good for you. Cats are smart, they choose people they know will take care of them. A stray kitten followed me home in August and he's been my cat ever since.

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