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yesterday my friend and i got into this whole long rant regarding how black people in the 50s and 60s (civil rights) had a cause, ambition, and drive. meanwhile black people today (we're both black btw) don't want to do anything but rap about their hoes, trap, strip, and do drugs. basically we think our race/generation and a whole needs more ambition and should want to be accountants instead of working at Burger King and being sluts. so then today this same friend is telling me about how she needs to get lit and how she wishes she was a guy because then she could have sex with everyone and not be judged. it's so hypocritical and getting on my nerves. why is thotting around her only goal in life? she's in trouble right now for getting caught having sex and she acts like she's a little angle and her mom has lost her mind. It's really frustrating. i know part of me is just mentally slut shaming her but I really don't care. 😑

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  • a lot of people are like that, i blame mtv

  • I think we ALL need to hold ourselves to a better sexual standard. There are to many people cheating, spreading diseases like AIDS, and getting knocked up by "accident". Sex has consequences and we NEED to think of it before we fuck. By " we" I mean all Americans. I'm glad your being a better person. You are going to make a difference for your offspring and you're a good example for Americans of any color.

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