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I'm a 31 year old woman who was dumped at christmas by her bf of two years. Now, however we're friends with benefits. He treats me poorly and argues with everything I say, I can never be right in his eyes. The reason I stay like this is because my male best friend confessed his feelings for me. I do not want to be with him at all and I'd sooner be misserable in a 'fake' relationship than single with my friend making me uncomfortable.

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  • So..you`re friends with benefits with your ex just so you can avoid your best friend that`s in love with you? :))))) IMO, everything here is wrong. Get over your ex, you could do better and in a REAL relationship. And tell your best friend you`re not interested and if he wants to continue to be friends with you, he should not be making any comments that might make you feel uncomfortable. Otherwise, find a new friend. You`re 31, you should know better. I don`t understand why people over-complicate things and then whine about it.

  • I believe my feelings will never change because of how uncomfortable his attentions makes me. I think if one day they would, there'd be some spark deep down telling me so. I want to see him move on and happy, another reason I stay where I am. I'm nothing special, he'll realise that one day himself.

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