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I am possibly one of the most insecure people around. However, I put up a tough front which naturally attracts people to me. Many people trust me for my honesty but I trust no one. My honesty is nothing but blunt truth mixed with discreet lies, so it appears as if I speak only the truth. To be fair, I don't really like the way I am now. I don't like to tell lies, I don't like to act strong, I don't want to put on this facade where I am happily enjoying life. I want someone to rely on. Someone whom I can share my feelings with. Someone whom I know will never leave me. But due to events that occurred a couple of years back, I feel like as if everyone out there is conspiring against me. To put me together with another woman only to have her cheat on me. To let me attain success in my work only to have it crumble at the very last moment. Thinking back... I only survived this far by relying on myself. So should I stay this way and put up this persona of a cheerful me, or should I open up to everyone, or should I close myself altogether and live this life in solitude?

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  • This post literally describes me exactly. The only difference is I think you're make and I'm female.--- all I'm saying is you're not alone. At the very least, now you know that other people feel that same way too.

  • Open up, they deserve to know the inner you anywau

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