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LOOKING FOR OPINIONS, STATE IF YOU ARE M OR F So as many of you may know in most countries female genital mutilation is illegal (don't get me wrong, I don't support it and it should be illegal) But my question today is. Do you think it's right that boys can be cut and have their for skin removed just after they are born? Is it right that they don't get a choice in the matter? In my opinion it should be illegal the same way it is for females. It has no heath. benefits what's so ever and can lead to other medical problems. increasing the risk of infection etc Let us know where you stand on the issue :-)

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  • Female and I'm against it. Why would I want to put my newborn through that? If he wants it removed later when he can speak for himself, fine. If it wasn't supposed to be there, why were we made with it?

  • I personally believe that it should not be done to either gender :) (female. UK. dunno if you wanted to know where ppl are from but whatever)

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