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I have this *cough* best friend who treats me as one but tbh i find her incredibly annoying. Let's just use what happened today and yesterday: she used my pen when i OBVIOUSLY needed it to write my notes and when i asked her for it she would not return it, and yesterday while i was doing my work she kind of hugged me AT THE NECK and i told her to go away but she keeps pulling me causing me to feel like suffocating. after she released me i thought my windpipe was in a different spot. and idk i just really hate her most of the time because she's really annoying and bitchy af. however i dont want her to find out because i feel that she treats me as a good friend (lol somehow) and whenever she gets impatient with me i feel like i have to stop whatever im doing and hence i shut up or stop. i hate her most of the time but occasionally when she isnt annoying i treat her alright. idk what should i do?

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  • she's just trying to be friendly in her way and you found it annoying. I have some friends like yours and I released my anger (annoyed feelings) with give them sarcastic words, I don't want to hurt her so sarcasm is the best choice lol

  • Just talk to her and tell her you want her to calm down

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