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I finally stood up for myself.... I was in a 6 month relationship......she was a city girl I'm a country guy....she had 3 different baby daddies (4 kids) which was hard for me to understand and deal with....on top of that.... she's been known to tap in the "bi" world which again it was to much to understand deal with.... she kept in touch with all her exs because according to her she likes to keep peace with all and remain friends.....my life style is completely different.... I thought I could handle it but it was to much....finally today I told her how I felt and I said your life style is to much to me....you have 5k friends and you post sexual pics... you have guys throwing themselves at you... to much for my cowboy ass..idk what I was thinking? I thought I could handle it....she basically chewed me out and said "we Gucci I love you forever and left"......I finally put myself first and said no. was I wrong for saying her lifestyle was to much for me?

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  • no you werent wrong.. only someone thats like her can handle that type of relationship. . dont worry you will find someone else

  • you did the right thing.

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