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My nephew when he was 2 would "play" with my mom and grandpa who had passed away. His mom would hear him talking in his room to grandpa and gammie. After grandpa had passed away, grandma gave away his clothes to goodwill exactly like grandpa wanted. A couple days later, my nephew went up to his mom and said "Mommy, grandpa said they gave away his clothes". Grandma didn't tell her they had done that, so how would he have known? Only way he would've known would be if grandpa visited him as a ghost.

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  • that's so cool. when I was a teen my grandpa came to me in a dream and asked me too give a message to my grandma, he always said she was his rose cause he loved gardening. but I didn't want to upset her cause I knew she would cry and get depressed so I bought her roses on his behalf.

  • This isn't the first instance I've heard of small children knowing too much about deceased family members.

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