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I dated a girl for a year and five months. Now when we first started going out it was revealed to both of us that her parents are racist. I'm half white and half Indian and I take some traits from my mom, namely my skin tone. So she in her excitement tells her parents about me only to be punished by them throughout this first week of us going out her friend also said some stuff about me end six days later she dumped me we continue the relationship in secret from her parents and we dated for quite a while. We argued a lot more than any couple should and attributed it to her parents not being accepting of me. She would dump me every few months for about 10-12 hours then she would want me back and I went back because I love her. We both go to the same school and we have the same friends but about 2 months in, she told me that good boyfriends don't talk to other girls. This was my first relationship and I lost my virginity to this girl, she also lost hers to me. I couldn't tell if what I was doing was right to my female friends who she constantly insulted. I was constantly threatened by her if I kept talking to my female friends and she even tried to make me stop being friends with my best friend which was too much. I broke up with her 3 months ago, just a few days after her birthday and I can't stop wanting her back, she seems to have turned into a party girl or whatever but I feel like that's just because she's also hurt. Every single one of my dreams recently has been about her but she's blocked me and I can't contact her at all. I wish I knew how she felt and I wish I knew what to do or say to her if I get the chance.

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  • Hon, you're better off without her. She sounds controlling. Anyone who expects you to come crawling back at the drop of a hat or who refuses to let you hang out with other people is not good for you.

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