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I had a crush 3 years ago. A few months after I started liking him he got a girlfriend so I pushed all the feelings I had towards him away. We became really good friends until January last year I started to think of him in that way again. He was still dating this girl but I found out in June that they broke up around January. I never for one second let myself think that he could ever like me back. I'm not pretty, smart, funny I'm not anything really, so I didn't let myself get carried away and stayed friends with him. By November we were very close friends. We were at an 18th birthday party which I didn't want to go to due to illness, he noticed I was tired and cuddled me. We stayed like that for about an hour and half until someone came off the dance floor to ask us if we were dating. He replied 'we don't know', which took me a little by surprise but because I was slightly drunk I turned around to him and said 'Do you want to?' We've been together for 5 months on the 5th of April.

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  • otp, otp, otp, otp, otp, otp. you are so lucky

  • that's soooooo cute omg <3 <3 <3

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